This is my story

My name is Catarina and I was born in Terceira island, Azores, almost 33 years ago. Since I was a kid I always was curious and eager to learn about the natural world and spend time in nature. I was so curious that I spent hours reading encyclopedias, watching the sky and observing ants. Growing up and those interests became a huge part of my life by getting training in photography, scuba diving and marine biology.

I still love to research and learn about nature related subjects, but as a millennial I grew up with the growth of the internet and I started to create blogs and social media profiles from an early age. Since I started to work with photography 6 years ago, I did social media management and digital strategy training, participated in several photography events and in 2019 I was one of the speakers in the anual “Festival de Fotografia de Paisagem – IMAGINATURE” in Serra da Estrela, Portugal, definitely this event was one of the highest moments of my photographer career.

Personally 2020 was the year of change, it was a really hard year so I took a break from photography work, meanwhile in 2021 I started a new project called “Mãe Bióloga” (Biologist Mother) where I created scientific evidence based content about child development and education. Throughout the three years of this project I took a professional certification in “Movimento Neurocompatível®”, training in Infant Neurodevelopment and Education Sciences.

I’ve been struggling with anxiety my whole life and during 2020 my mental health got really bad, I started psychological support in 2021 and that was when I begin my path for recovery, after 2 years I was feeling better but I thought that something was still a little bit off, I started psychiatric support and then I got Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD diagnosis. That was a really eye-opening moment in my life, now I know why I struggled with anxiety and other difficulties my whole life, now I understand myself so much better and I adapt my life to fullfil my needs.

Well, now you know my story and I want to ensure you that I feel very capable of working with photography that always have been one of my special interests and has a content creator I’m able to work with my creativity and video making that fullfils me with joy and excitement.

I am open to work with businesses that want to create content to connect with neurodivergent community, family and travel lovers audience. I’m available to work in the Azores islands and Portuguese mainland and I speak both portuguese and english fluently. I’m specialized in creating photos (professional or social media content), videos and drone footage.

If you would like to know more details about my offers you can contact me by this link.